06 September 2011

The Bar Code Rellion By Suzanne Weyn

The Bar Code Rebellion
Four Stars

This was a grand conclusion to the series. All right so, it isn't really a series as they go, more like a long story. Hard to explain, anyway...

So once I finished the first book, The Bar Code Tattoo, I had to see how it ended. We pick up where we left off, with Kayla in the rebel camps, trying to find the courage she's always had, but never realized. She has found a new ability to go with her visions of the future, telepathy.

We follow her as she travels across the country to get away from those chasing her and find friends she's lost. In her travels, she finds out that there is far more behind that tattoo then simple medical and financial information. The tattoo is not a protection, it was never meant to be. But what is it, and is that information worth killing for? To find out, you have to join the rebellion yourself, fight against the control of a government that never meant to protect you.

This story brings back memories of history class, the Sixties most especially. That was a time of much unrest, when the general populous was not exactly against the government, but they didn't exactly support it either. People protested being sent places they didn't want to go and doing things they didn't want to do. Basic freedoms were still in place, you weren't branded like cattle.

These books make you think, they make you take stock of what is offered as a protection when in reality its more of an imprisonment. Global positioning systems in our cell phones and cars are for our safety, what if we get lost? But it's also used for tracking. Fluoride is put into the drinking water. Vaccines are forced upon our children, a new one that is supposed to prevent certain cancers in women actually causes other cancers! How far is too far? That is what Suzanne Weyn is trying to tell us all in her books. She is forcing us to ask ourselves... how far is too far?