06 June 2013

Lowell/Sheridan Series by Chelsea Cain

Lowell/Sheridan Series --5Stars

This series starts out with a serial killer kidnapping the lead of the task force assigned to catch them, well to catch her. That's right, you heard me, the serial killer is a woman. Statistically, women only account for about 15% of serial killers, its mostly a male thing. Anyway, she kidnaps him and holds him for ten days, torturing him in all the ways that she did her other victims. He's special though, she wants to make it last.

Archie Sheridan is the lead detective of the Beauty Killer Task Force. It has taken him ten years to figure out who she is and that information just may kill him in the end. Gretchen Lowell is the beautiful woman with a psychotic flair. She has no pattern and no similarities, save one. She carve the shape of a heart into all her victims. By the time she is done with Archie, he's completely damaged goods. Somehow he manages to push forward and at least look normal.

These novels are not for the feint of heart. Gretchen is one heck of a crazy bitch and will not stop unless there is a bullet in her brain. They are gruesome and  terrifying in nearly every way. Even through the page, Gretchen has the ability to mess with your head. Chelsea Cain wrote a fantastic character, and I fear to be in the same room with that author without Mase.

Honestly, I love the fact that I can be carried so quickly into that world of fear and lust, blood and passion and still come begging for more.
Oh my... people are going to start to think that I forgot about my blog. Wait... Does anyone even read this in the first place? I'm not sure, I don't know. Either way, I've been neglecting my reading and focusing on my writing for a little bit. Nothing much has come of it, but I suppose that isn't the point is it?

I did read a couple of books but I have read them once before. The first three books in the Lowell/Sheridan series by Chelsea Cain. I wanted to read them again in preparation for the fourth book. Maybe I'll review them any way.

Either way, just wanted to tell anyone who cares that I'm sorry for not posting any new reviews. Thanks for reading.