Newford Collection

I am a huge fan of Charles De Lint and his Newford collection. The series centres on a city where anything and everything is possible, the walls between the world as it is and the dream lands is so thin that you can walk right through it without even realizing. Newford is a city of artists, musicians, scholars and storytellers. Through their eyes, we see how the world of the Fae and the First People was encroached upon by the settlers many years ago. Most of the time, all these worlds live in harmony, but that isn't always the case. If you would like to learn more about Charles De Lint and his novels, both of Newford and not, please go here.

As best I can, the books are listed in order of publication.

Dreams Underfoot --read
The Dreaming Place
From a Whisper to a Scream
I'll Be Watching You
Memory and Dream --read
The Ivory and the Horn --read
Someplace To Be Flying --read
Moonlight and Vines --read
Forests of the Heart --read
The Onion Girl --read
Seven Wild Sisters
Tapping the Dream Tree-- read
Spirits in the Wires --read
Medicine Road --read
The Blue Girl
Widdershins --read
Make A Joyful Noise
The Hour Before Dawn :And Two Other Newford Stories
Old Man Crow
Little (Grrl) Lost
Promises To Keep --read
Muse and Reverie          

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