24 August 2011

Outlaw by Angus Donald

*****-5 stars
I happened upon this at my local library. I enjoy stories of Robin Hood, keeping in mind that Robin is almost pure legend. Most of the stories we are told are, more or less, happy. Robin exchanging quips with his merry men, laughing while he slaps his Lincoln green thigh. If that is the story you're looking for, then don't bother.

This is an alternative telling of a legend we all know so well. Alan is a young fatherless boy in the streets of Nottingham, a cut purse and a thief. When the sheriff makes it his mission to catch every thief and remove his right hand, Alan is sent to Robin. He swears his allegiance to Robin of the Hood until death.

Alan stays with Robin, but isn't prepared for the things he sees. Robin is bloodthirsty and godless in a time when gentle nobles rule the land and are allied with the great Mother Church. In all respects, Robin is a dangerous man and a boy of fifteen summers enters into his inner circle. When the sheriff has Robin and his valiant men surrounded, it looks like there is no hope left, but this Robin... there's always something up his sleeve.

I loved this book! Adventure, intrigue, there's even a damsel in distress! For a story that is based off of a legend that we all know so well, it was well written and thoroughly entertaining.    

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