01 March 2013

Alexandria Link by Steve Berry

Alexandria Link 2stars

Action, adventure, kidnappings, killings, and a ticked off ex-wife! What more could you want? Not much, personally... until the author started to say that nothing in the Bible can be proved with history. Of course it can, several things can be, but that is not how Mr Berry wanted to write. He writes fiction, so allowances must be made, but not too many. Personally, I was rather offended and that is not an easy thing to do. I did try to read past his calling God a liar but I had such a hard time trying to ignore it, the core of the story, that it was best I not read further.

The premise is that the Link directly intersects with the nation of Israel,both modern and ancient. You see, the Bible is a lie and therefore voids any and all claims to land that the Israelites have. I'm not Jewish, but that was offensive. This is one of those rare books that I had to fight an urge to throw across the room. Usually, Mr Berry provides a grand reading experience with tons of twists and turns mixed with a healthy amount of mystery and gun fire. Not this time. I'm sorry but this is just not a good book and I was rather disappointed to have a two in a row that failed to live up to expectations.

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