15 May 2014

Group: Six People in Search of Life by Paul Solotaroff

Group: Six People in Search of Life 4 Stars

I happened on this gem in a used bookshop and thought, 'why not?' The author was given a special access to follow the group sessions of one particular handful of people in New York. They are taught how to use talk therapy and supervised sessions to self treat. Honestly, I read this as a way to get ahead of the curve if my therapist ever wants to go the group therapy route.

I was a bit miffed to be honest. That and pleased that my therapist isn't a jerk like the one in these people had to deal with. He has a bad habit of stopping people mid-thought to derail and go on to whatever he was thinking. As a whole, the group just rolls with it.

I found it interesting to see these people change and grow over the course of a year. Some made changes for the better, others... not so much. In the end it was an interesting book, but difficult to recommend to others.

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