16 January 2015

Fancy Pants Poetry by Agostino Scafidi

Fancy Pants Poetry   by Agostino Scafidi - 4Stars

Mr Scafidi sent me a request to review his latest poetry collection. I must say this is a first. Usually, I have authors give me a bit of run around and request my purchasing the book in question. (I think we can all say 'scam'.) So I was sent the collection and was pleasantly surprised.

Often poetry can be rather flowery and lacking in actual substance. Not so with Fancy Pants! The poem "Passing Time" is short and simple in wording, but gives a valuable piece of wisdom-- one doesn't have to travel the world to find the peace that they seek. Another entitled "Roger, Yankee, Foxtrot" struck me rather to the core of my being. We each carry a weight and a burden that sometimes we need not carry, but for the safety of those we love, we gladly bear the burden. I could go on and review each poem, but there are far too many, and I've not enough space.

Scafidi's poetry is light, beautiful, and honest... even if our author does bemoan the pain of honesty. All in all, Fancy Pants Poetry really doesn't live up to its name. Its not fancy, not in the slightest, but its raw in its beauty and simplicity. A wonderful collection that I feel many would enjoy immensely.

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