29 March 2016

The Martian by Andy Weir

The Martian by Andy Weir  5 Stars

I broke the cardinal rule! I watched the movie first!! I know, I know... how could I?! A semi-respected blogger of no note watch a film before I read the book that it was based on must be against some unwritten rule. I'm so sorry!

Now that I have fully apologized for my indiscretion, I can get to the point of how awesome this book was, brilliant! If I only had one word to describe, it would be 'brilliant'. For the science geeks out there (yes, I'm raising my hand), the facts are solid. Even the people that are supposed to know this stuff agree that its based on good science. For the botanists out there (not raising my hand, but I love to garden), the things the amazing Mark Watney does will leave you dazed. In a good way.

Throughout the tale, Watney has become a walking NASA version of "Murphy's Law", if it could wrong, it did... in every way possible. I love the humour in the story, even when things are getting incredibly bad for the Martian. The jokes he makes about himself, about NASA, about the situations in general will leave you in stitches.

Andy Weir did a fantastic job of telling a tragic story in a new and interesting way. I look forward to another novel from him.

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