04 July 2011

Dreams Underfoot by Charles De Lint

Dreams Underfoot
The start of a grand adventure through a world so beautiful and dangerous that we cannot help but read more, to be guided through such a place where the Dreamlands and the World As It Is are so close the most fantastic things will happen, if only you believe. De Lint has created, in this collection, a world  of his very own that he has graciously shared with the rest of us. In his city of Newford, we see the light and dark sides of the Dreamlands and fairy.

Never does he disappoint with his fantastic tales of shape shifters, fairy, first cousins, and the people who happen to fall headlong into such a world. Since I first was introduced to De Lint's world, I fell in love with it, like a junki does with heroin. I can never wait long till my next Newford fix.

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