06 July 2011

The Twelfth Card by Jeffery Deaver

The Twelfth Card

Rated- ****
I just finished this novel, the sixth in Jeffery Deaver's famous Lincoln Ryhme series. I feel it is only fair to tell you now that I enjoy mental candy, brain fluff if you will, by way of books that really are trivial and hold no other purpose other then to completely entertain me. My "go-to" genres in these instances tend to be either murder/thriller or urban fantasy.

Deaver is one of my favourite authors for this mental junk food. His plot lines are everywhere and often have several things going on at once. With the forensic science and the psychology going one in this book, one is never sure where the story is going. Deaver's tale has more twists in it then the Colorado River.

We are introduced to a young girl from Harlem who is determined to get out by using the only weapon she has, intelligence. She is researching an ancestor and happens upon a great "secret", one that some one is willing to kill for. Enter Lincoln Rhyme- a forensic scientist who has one major problem aside from his course manners, he is paralyzed from the chest down. His partner and lover is Amelia Sachs, a street smart cop with a scientist's brain. She works the crimes scenes in the way Rhyme used to. Together they work to solve the mystery of who hired a hit on a teenaged girl and what a "secret" from one hundred and forty years ago has to do with it.

I was very pleased with the experience of reading it. Mr Deaver never disappoints his readers. This was no exception, I am happy to report.

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