19 October 2012

Dance Dance Dance by Haruki Murakami

Dance Dance Dance -- 3.5 Stars

I love Murakami and enjoy his prose and his creative word use, yet this was not one of my favourite stories. We pick up where we left our unnamed protagonist from Wild Sheep Chase while he searches for his girl-friend. He starts at the Dolphin Hotel where they're adventure began four years prior.

Unfortunately, the entire story is so disjointed that its hard to make heads or tails of anything. He's in Tokyo, then Sapporo then Hawaii then back to Tokyo and finally Sapporo. Dreams pop into his head that you aren't sure are real or not, but then neither is he.

All in all this novel left me feeling as if I'd wasted my time, as if there should have been something more, but that it was forgotten or edited out. Either way, I'm sorely disappointed in Dance Dance Dance. 

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