04 October 2012

The Reading Goals So far

This post is a little different than most of I've written. So far this year, I've read less then I would have hoped, only twenty-five of the forty books I had as a goal. Puts me a little behind, unfortunately. At the moment, I'm reading Dance, Dance, Dance by Haruki Murakami and his books always seem to take a little bit, since there is so much depth to his tellings. This will be the last book in my "Group Reading Challenge" from Good Reads. It also counts towards my personal goal to read all of Murakami's books available in English, this is number seven out of the eleven that I own.

After Dance, Dance, Dance I'm not sure what I want to read. A mystery? A fantasy? A young adult? A fiction? Oh the choices are endless! I could even be daring and borrow one from the library, though that isn't something I do often. I tend to go to the local book shops see something I may read and say "oh why not buy it". Tends to happen quite often with me, buying yet more books when I've not finished the ones I have already. I really cannot help myself, I'm quite the book junkie.

I find being a book addict to be rather harmless addiction as these things go. If there was such thing as Book-Addicts Anonymous, it would become a book club within about three sessions... if that long. When I meet someone that says they hate to read, I feel very sorry for them. They miss out on all the grand adventures. I'm twenty-eight and have already been on several sea voyages, been under water exploring. I've traveled to Sherwood, Oxford, Paris, Tokyo, Hongkong, Middle Earth and Shangrilah. I've fought dragons, defended kingdoms, saved the universe at least twice, and solved countless murders. All those stories and so many people won't know such grand adventures! Truly, its a depressing thought.

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